Fund Raiser to Support Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Climb to Fight Breast Cancer-Denali

Wine Tasting Fund Raiser to Support Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Come join Nikki and Chris, (wine club members of Ward Johnson Winery), in their fund raising and climbing efforts to support the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The event will be held at Ward Johnson Winery, Saturday, February 25th. A $20 donation includes wine tasting and hors d’oeuvres. For further information, visit the Ward site at and click on the News/Calendar tab. Continue reading

My Run, Running Marathons, Terry Hitchcock and Team in Training Cancer Support

What’s in a journey? If you are up to a dynamic story of one man’s triumph over adversity, please look no further than the documentary My Run.

My Run is based on the real life story of Terry Hitchcock, who decided to start running marathons at 57 years of age. What makes his story unique is that he decides to run not just one marathon, but run one every day for 75 consecutive days. Continue reading

Benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association – What Do Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease and Wine Have in Common?

What Do Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease and Wine Have in Common? A lot of history.

Our journey commences some 30+ years ago when Gene Foote started his winery in Washington State by the name of EB Foote. Gene was one of the early wine pioneers. Over the years he maintained a respected presence in the wine community, and made some wonderful wines. Continue reading

Making a Smooth Transition into Seattle Medical Housing

3G Properties specializes in providing short term medical housing for patients coming to Seattle, whether for a month or longer. Many of the calls we receive are from patients, family and/or caregiver(s), whose duty is to sort out various short term housing accommodations and options. Continue reading

October: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Each and every month should be breast cancer, or rather cancer, awareness month. Cancer is cancer, and does not respect boundaries or definition. Make this month a start. One can participate by providing support to a cancer patient, family and/or caregiver.

There are a number of organizations which assist and provide guidance in this endeavor. Navigating Cancer is a web site which assists the patient, family, and caregiver through the maze of organizational challenges, from diagnosis, through treatment, and recovery. Sign up, be a member, and discover how you can receive support for yourself and for other patients. Cancer Lifeline is a wonderful organization in providing support to the patient family and friends. Continue reading

Things Medical Patients, Their Families and Caregivers Should Consider When Looking for a Short Term Rental

Navigating and finding short term housing in Seattle, for a medical patient, can oftentimes be a daunting experience. Time must be spent and due diligence undertaken in the same fashion as one does in understanding their medical condition.

There are several housing resources in Seattle which focus their efforts on the medical patient community, especially the cancer community. These are Pete Gross House, SCCA House, and 3G Properties, an alternative to Pete Gross House and SCCA House.

Just because a provider advertises that they provide short term housing, does not necessarily mean they are a fit for your particular situation. As a provider, we at 3G Properties spend time with each and every call to help them assess their requirements.

We have put together a list of things medical patients, their families and caregivers should consider when looking for a short term rental. Continue reading

The Caregiver: Unsung Hero of the Healing Process

As you, the medical patient, commence the process of navigating short term housing options in Seattle, keep in your thoughts the importance and well being of the caregiver. It is easy to express our gratitude to such a person, but we have learned the following.

Oftentimes the caregiver must be: on call 24/7; chief cook and bottle washer; transportation coordinator, including driving and arranging of driving; scheduler of medical appointments and dispenser of medications; shopper for anything under the sun; entertainment coordinator; therapist, dealing with your mood swings and anything else which might come to your mind; travel and house coordinator of extended family visits as well as attending to their comfort; financial bookkeeper and manager of bills, insurance matters, and payment thereof.

When you come to a 3G Property location, we recognize the importance of the caregiver.

We provide the following: Continue reading